Research focus

Drama for Life’s embodied arts-based therapeutic practice focuses on the health and well-being of citizens who encounter a range of problems that are specific to Southern Africa where there are serious problems with regard to legacies of access, poverty, stigma inherent in cultural, spiritual and political discourse and daily practices, fear and mistrust. 

We are committed to understanding what it means to be resilient caregivers, creators and leaders, who embody and execute ethical practice, who understand, harness and implement collaborative, systemic arts interventions for effective, affective and sustainable education, development and health. Our goal is to find ways that will ensure a democratic education that is socially, culturally and spiritually respectful, critically reflective, creative and actively responsible. The areas of study at Drama for Life make reference to the following:

  • The exploration of 21st century identities, re-imaging identities, transforming identities, and tackling race, gender, sexual, religious and cultural identity constructs
  •  The challenge of social behaviour change in relation to the pandemic of HIV/AIDS, sexual reproduction, health and wellness
  • The enhancement of indigenous knowledge systems with specific reference to cultural and spiritual belief systems and healing practices
  • The ethical, cultural and development challenges that arise from a human rights and social justice health and wellness agenda
  • The questions of development with regard to North/South, East/South, and South/South partnerships and other complex power relationships