Applied Performing Arts and Arts Management Theatre for Youth Short Course

The Applied Performing Arts and Arts Management Theatre for Youth short course is a three year youth based short course which focuses on entrepreneurship, arts education and community based organisations.

The nature and development of the arts, historically, has seen limited support for training and capacity development. As a result the arts, seemingly, remain in a position of dependency.

Research on this subject presents shifts in funding paradigms and the resulting need for organisations to find alternative revenue streams. Within this context, the aim of this course is to further address issues related to the resourcing and sustainability of community-based youth organisations through various community projects throughout their three year course period.

We believe, and research has proven, that some of the benefits of community development or engagement projects are: opportunities for collaboration and partnerships, tourism, publicity, promotion of talent, job creation, social cohesion, economic development etc. The short course project is designed to up-skill community based arts organisations from previously disadvantaged communities.