Integrating HIV and AIDS in curriculum of HEIs

This project is supported by Universities South Africa and the Department of Higher Education and Training National Skill Fund Direct Grant, which provides the opportunity to develop sexual health education, build HIV/AIDS awareness and promote safe sex practices, within complex community contexts. 

To effect higher education engagement with critical social issues, this project supports curriculum reform for improved HIV/AIDS content and delivery. Reviewing Reflective Practice and Critical Reflexive Praxis as core courses, Drama for Life intends to model this pedagogy and practice of postgraduate study, for purposes of social transformation and healing. 

Reflecting the belief that the arts give voice, respect and dignity to communities, these core courses engage the broader university and Johannesburg community to extend and enhance student capacity to reflect on the self and reflect with the ‘other’. On this principal, the courses are located in theory and practice on the facilitation of development and transformation, in complex community contexts. 

Drawing on leaner-centered techniques, and practice-based research methods, has advanced Drama for Life’s interdisciplinary and innovative approach to teaching and learning. Grounded in behaviour change principles of participation, education and communication, positions the integration of reflective practice and HIV/AIDS and sexual health education well within Drama for Life’s pedagogy and practice.