Rehearse//Reveal Programme

Piloted at the Drama for Life Sex Actually Festival 2016 the Rehearse//Reveal programme is an attempt to give student Theatre Makers a space to not only flight their creative ideas on stage but also offer them an opportunity to curate and take responsibility for managing an independent space. 

Students involved in this programme take on all the tasks associated with running a successful space from fundraising, ticket sales, creative rehearsals, marketing, technical skills and scheduling. 

Students involved in the programme learn practical skills and are encouraged to work as a collective to make the space a success. This is an attempt by Drama for Life to successfully model a self-sustaining and artist centred creative industry. 

Students are creatively and administratively mentored by Drama for Life Academic, Creative Arts and Project Management staff to ensure the success of the programme. The Rehearse//Reveal programme is incorporated into all of Drama for Life’s festivals.